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Help put the gift of riding a bike in the Box

Please consider donating your used bike or your time

For Bike Box to be successful we need two key things, donated bikes and volunteers, please contribute if you can. Bike Box plans to provide over 300 bikes back to the community each year. Someone in the community would love to use the bike you're not using or a bike your child has out grown. We can also use bike tools and quality parts. We will give you a receipt  stating the value of your donation for your taxes.

We will except any type of bike, but have special interest in quality steel or aluminum bikes that are easy to ride like, mountain and hybrid style bikes. We also need bikes for all ages of children. We welcome high-quality racing road or mountain bikes,  which we will sell for cash or used in fundraisers to raise money to sustain the program.

We will ask you to document that you own the bike and have the right to donate it to the program. In return we will provide you a receipt for the value of the bike for you  to declare on your taxes as a charity contribution. We want to share the stories of bikes, so we might also ask what the bike means to you and why you choose to donate it to the community. Bike Box of the Blue Ridge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donations are tax-deductible. 

How to donate a bike:

  • Drop the bike(s) off at our location. If we are not there we have a rack next to the door with a few long cable locks to secure your donation.

  • Contact us and we will pick the donations up at your home.

  • Meet us at a Community event or Donation Popup.

  • Drop the bike at one of partner originations.

    • Habitat for Humanity Restore in Staunton.

Do you like to work with your hands? We need volunteers to clean and repair bikes. James Barris, owner and mechanic extraordinaire of Black Dog Bikes will offer a workshop from time to time. But even if you're not ready to true a wheel or replace a bottom bracket we have plenty of things we need help with. 

Contact us and keep an eye on our Facebook page for opportunities.

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