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Fix and repair

Workspace and tools to fix your own bikes or help to fix a flat or replace a chain.

Bike Box picks up where big box stores leave you hanging. 

We have workspace anyone can use stocked with parts, tools and the  know how to help you. We will teach you how to fix a flat or adjust your brakes and derailleur. We're also happy to do it for you.

We stock tubes, tires, chains, cables and housing, the parts that wear out the most. Our prices are at or below the box stores.

We also stock helmets, lights and locks at very competitive prices to keep you and your bike safe!

For members who ride a lot and need to always be working on their bikes we have a low yearly membership option of just $25 per year. With that you can come in and work as often as you like.

  • Free bike safety check, just drop in and see us. 

  • Repair options and pricing:

    • Use a work stand and tools at $5.00 per hour.

    • Become a member of Bike Box and have access to our tools and work stands at discounted hourly prices or no cost. 

    • We do the work at $1.00 per minute or .75 per minute if you purchase the parts from Bike Box.

      • Replace a tube takes about 3 to 5 minutes.

      • Replace a chain about ten.

      • Replace brake and derailleur cables about 5 minutes each.

    • Earn volunteer in shop credits, $10 for each hour, good for bikes, parts or service.

We need to cover our operating expenses, but our real goal is to get you back riding and enjoying your bike.


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